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We think milk is great, here are the milky facts!

We love our cows and the milk they produce... Fact!

At our award winning farm we truly believe that the hard work we put in to caring for them shows in the great tasting, nutritious milk we get from them and here are the milky facts about that lovely milk.

  • One 230ml glass of milk has eight grams of protein – compared to a large egg, which only has 6!

  • Milk is a top food source of calcium, vitamin D and potassium — three nutrients that are most often lacking in our diet. Milk is also a good source of high-quality protein

  • Did you know? For the human body to get the same amount of calcium as that consumed from a glass of milk, we would need to eat 11 servings of spinach, 4 servings of broccoli and 63 Brussel sprouts!

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