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Shaken not Stirred Please Mr Farmer!

The homogenisation process is a mechanical process that breaks the fat globules into smaller droplets so that they stay suspended in the milk rather than separating out and floating to the top of the bottle. Before milk is homogenised, some of the fat may be skimmed off to reduce the amount of fat in the end-product.

Homogenisation was invented around the turn of the 20th century and quickly became the industry standard because people preferred the convenience of milk that didn’t have to be shaken to distribute the fat every time you wanted to use it.

We have chosen not to homogenise our milk, as we believe non-homogenisation improves the taste and texture of the milk. All of our milk is pasteurised in line with industry standards, unless you have requested raw milk which we are licensed to sell.

Please just remember to hold the lid tight before you shake…… or don’t shake and steal the best bit from the top!

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