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Raw & Pure Straight to the Door....Honey

We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer you Prize winning Raw Cheshire Honey from Carole & Mike Vesty at Woodside Apiaries.

Carole & Mike have been keeping bees for nearly forty years and are very passionate about the welfare and longevity of their bees so they only take honey at the end of the summer, leaving the bees plenty to live on through the winter.

The honey is cold extracted to preserve the natural enzymes and flavor. Honey has many health giving properties, being antiviral and antibiotic, helping to build your immune system and fight sickness.

The cold extraction process Carole & Mike use takes more time than the usual commercial extraction, which generally involves over-heating the honey.

The honey is available in 340g jars either runny honey or set honey @ £5.30 per jar

Please message or email if you would like to add some of this delicious local honey to your order next week


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